Saturday, May 21, 2011

Dry Shampoo

I have a confession: I'm not a morning person. And anything that lets me sleep in a little longer is my new best friend. Lately (as in, for almost a year) I have been reducing the frequency of washing my hair. It may sound gross, but it's not! And my hair has never been healthier (my hairstylist said this also).

I've been hearing a lot about dry shampoo on the blogosphere, so I decided to purchase some by Oscar Blandi. I love it!!!! It smells great, gets rid of grease, shine, and bed head (key for someone with short hair like me).

I highly recommend it. Oscar Blandi is a good brand, but I'm sure there are others. Have you tried it? Any thoughts? How often do you wash your hair?

Monday, May 16, 2011

Five Years!

This weekend my husband and I celebrated our five year anniversary. This accomplishment astonishes me when I think about it. I don't feel that old (I'm not, actually; we got married very young), but I'm also aware of how much we've changed. We have so much fun together, and it keeps getting better! What a cheese-ball. I'll cut to the chase:

We decided to celebrate our anniversary by taking a trip to Athens, Greece. Most weekends we just sit on the couch and catch up on episodes of 30 Rock or Glee. But we wanted to splurge because five years is a big deal.

And we couldn't have picked a better weekend getaway. Athens is so cool! The geek in me loved the archeology sites, museums, and mythology. Seriously, I'm inspired to read up on ancient Greek history (any book suggestions?). The foodie in me loved the tavernas, souvlaki stands, and street cafes. A friend of mine who lives in Athens gave us some awesome tips and took us out to a traditional greek meal. We booked a cute hotel room within walking distance of the Acropolis and played love-struck tourists for three days. Here are some highlights: