Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A surprise shower!

Happy wedding shower to my sister-in-law!!!! This weekend her best friends threw her a beautiful shower with lots of sweet treats, presents, and games. The best part? She had no idea it was coming.

Congratulations, Cait! I'm so excited for your big day.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

No use crying over spilled ink...

although I did, I'm embarrassed to say.

I recently spilled ink on a new pair of white Levi's and boy did I get angry. I tried to explain to my husband that white jeans were something symbolic. I tried to explain how dainty and fashionable I felt wearing them - like a woman who never spills ketchup on herself (false) and who always looks crisp and put together (false).

Tears, bleach, and a bucket of oxyclean later, I now have a pair of white jeans with a gray spot that I have accepted as permanent.

So, my creative and fashionable readers, do you have any suggestions of what do do with them now? Dye? Distress? Buy a patch? Give up and donate?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The witching hour

My aunt came to visit me this weekend and we had a wonderful time exploring the city and going to all our favorite museums and restaurants. The picture below is from the Brian Jungen temporary exhibit at the National Museum of the American Indian. We were all mesmerized by the way he turned everyday object into fantastical sculptures.

I'm now in the witching hour of Hebrew training. It is difficult to wrap my mind around the fact that I am nearly finished. My weekends are filling up before my eyes. And I continue to have mixed feelings about leaving DC (especially after such a wonderful weekend with my Aunt). I love this city and it will be so difficult to say goodbye. On the other hand, I finally got my housing assignment and all I can say is: come visit me PLEASE! You won't regret it.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Weekend in West Virginia

This weekend we went to West Virginia to stay in a cabin in the woods with some friends. We grilled hamburgers, played bananagrams (yes, we subject everyone we know to this game now), and hiked A LOT. We spent time with two different couples--old friends and newer friends--and it was cool to see how the dynamic changed depending on who we were with. One is silver and the other gold, right? ;)

Also, we only saw a box turtle, some small fish, and a fox (allegedly...I didn't see him). This may have been a fluke, but I am tempted to conclude that there is a strange dearth of wildlife in West Virginia.

Living without cell phones or internet is pretty cool (except when we got cell reception in the middle of a hike and reverted to our old ways).

I hope you had a wonderful memorial weekend!