Sunday, November 8, 2009

Do you date... other couples?

Dave and I are fortunate to have a great network of friends (both couples and singles; we actually LOVE so-called "third wheels"), so I am starting to get anxious about moving to a country where we don't know anyone yet! Fortunately, we have a double date next weekend with a couple who will be joining us in Israel. The whole idea of couples dating is hilarious to me.

I have to admit, up until this point we have made most of our friends without conscious effort. But after reading this article from the WSJ, I began to see the merits of "dating" other couples.

Not only that, but a dynamic circle of friends is one of the most important yet least emphasized aspects of a healthy relationship. Whether you meet them through your work, school, neighborhood, hobby group, or religious organization, friends can have a tremendous impact on your psychological well-being and even your physical health. The New York Times has featured several articles on the health benefit of friends, including What Are Friends For? A Longer Life, Are Your Friends Making You Fat? and Strangers May Cheer You Up.

What about you? If you're in a long term relationship, do you ever date other couples? Singles, do you mind being the third/fifth wheel? Or do couples drive you crazy?

Photo by the talented Chelsea Roberson from her blog, just me. This crazy cat went camping for a weekend with a huge group of people that she barely knew--that's one way to make friends quickly!


  1. We actually have a few sets of couples and I guess you could say we all "date" each other :) We have monthly dinner parties to all get together and hang out. Lots of fun.

    But! I love having single friends too.

  2. Did I just read that you'll be heading to Israel? As in... you're going to be posted there? If so - let me know. We just left there after a 3 year tour. I'll fill you in on some AMAZING shopping!