Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Foreign Service Institute

There are many things I love about my job. Right now, I am thankful for the chance to spend a whole year at the National Foreign Affairs Training Center in Arlington, Virginia studying foreign languages and professional tradecraft. More commonly known as the Foreign Service Institute, or FSI, this is where the Department of State trains diplomats for overseas assignments.
The atmosphere is congenial, and I have met many interesting, smart, and overwhelmingly nice people. In some ways, I am glad to be done with (grad) school because now I have time to explore my own interests and relax. But on the other hand, I love learning, so FSI is the best of both worlds.

I did a post this summer about what I would wear to wear to my first day of work. After the initial introduction course (called A-100) is over, the dress code relaxes quite a bit (read business casual). Below is an example of what I like to wear to work:

FSI by roysie featuring Repetto shoes

(Of course, I own the cheaper version of all these items. My military blazer is from Express, and I would highly recommend it. It feels like a sweatshirt!)

What about you? Do you prefer to dress up for work or do you like the flexibility of business casual? I imagine working from home would be glorious because you can wear whatever you feel like!

Top picture from HWA Structural Engineering.


  1. I work in fashion, so I get to dress up AND dress down. As long as it is an outfit with a concept it is accepted. I also tend to write a lot from home, so a pajama or cargo pants can be my pro outfit for that day! :)

  2. love your blog!

    I nominated your blog for a blog award! Check out my latest post for info.


  3. I am heading back to FSI for language training in June, and after 3 years at Main State (all suits, all the time), I CAN'T WAIT to wear jeans to work!

  4. I'm definitely a casual gal. Love that backpack!

  5. i love working from home! some days i want to get alot done (especially if i'm meeting a client that day) i'll wear my pencil skirt and heels...but some days i'll dress done...i don't get too much done in my pajamas. weird.

    love your blog!


  6. That's a very cute outfit! Oh and thanks for the book suggestions - can't wait to pitch them to the girls :) The cuisine is a very important element when deciding!

  7. I am all about business casual. Although lately I'm trending toward chic business casual—tailored denim, for instance, as opposed to my frayed-at-the-hem craptastic ones.

  8. Just found your blog...fun stuff! I obviously enjoy dressing down, but fashion is something I am slowly becoming less scared and more intrigued by the idea of "fashion."

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  10. Hm. I'm more of a dress up / almost suits kind of person. I own one pair of jeans. I'm pretty sure that's sad.