Monday, December 21, 2009

Snowmageddon + A Winner!

Congratulations to The Owl's Closet, the winner of the Sakura Review drawing!

How was your weekend, friends? In Northern Virginia we received close to 20 inches of snow!! Needless to say we stayed in most of the weekend sipping hot beverages, wrapping presents, and making caramel for my grandma. I took a roll of film on my mom's old SLR camera she let me borrow. I can't wait to develop it and see how the pictures turn out.

The roads are still not clear... so I get a snow day today!!


  1. thank u so much, roysie! i'm so excited for my first blog giveaway win:) i just replied to ur email:) oh wow, it's quite the winter wonderland out there! so beautiful:) i love these pics, roysie! is that ur home? what a beautiful house!

  2. You're welcome! And thanks to everyone who entered! We actually live in the first floor apartment of this house, and we love it. It has so much character. I wrote about the house in one of my first posts: