Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Be Careful What You Pack

Friends, so much has happened since my last blog post. We have been easing into this move for over a year now, but it didn't feel real until last Wednesday when five strangers showed up at our house and packed all of our belongings into boxes to be shipped overseas. Three and a half hours later, our house was empty.

While there are definitely some things I would have done differently, overall we had a great experience. The packers were fun, courteous, and extremely fast. If I could do it all over again, I would pack more in the air baggage. It gets there much faster than the crate shipment that travels by sea. We only used half of our weight allowance, and I forgot to pack ANY books or Hebrew dictionaries. Or hangers.

After saying goodbye to friends and family in DC, we traveled to Newark for my job. Luckily, we have friends in Brooklyn who welcomed us to their city and made our last few nights in America memorable.

After arriving in Tel Aviv, we were greeted by this view from our balcony. We're still getting used to things here, but I think it's going to be a great two years!


  1. Just FYI for next time - You can send "training materials" for free via pouch. Simply drop off your box(es) at the FSI or Main State mailrooms. In other words, no need for things like Hebrew dictionaries, ConGen training guides, etc. to count in either your HHE or UAB weight. And things sent by pouch will definitely get there the fastest.

  2. Nice view! What's that between your balcony and the water?

  3. How wonderful! I hope your transition goes smoothly.