Monday, July 25, 2011

Everything Remotely Possible

Everything Remotely Possible. That is the name of the spreadsheet we made this weekend as a way of organizing our bid list--i.e., the list of 250 possible positions all over the world where we might be sent for my job. My husband named it before we started narrowing it down more precisely to positions that fit our timing and training limitations, but the name stuck and I like it. Now we are starting to research the countries themselves and imagining ourselves living at each one. The funny thing is, we don't have very much control over it. We list our preferences and that's it, it's out of our hands. For less than a month, the world is our oyster. And then we will be assigned one position off the list and it will start to sink in that this is really happening.

I'm embarrassed to admit that some of the cities I had to look up to find out which country they were in. I would have failed Carmen Sandiego (oh to be awesome like this kid). Where would you go if you could live anywhere for two years?


  1. I'd love to live somewhere in Europe. It seems so exciting to move somewhere else in the world but not know ahead of time where. Scary, but definitely exciting!

  2. good luck! fantasies of the bid list are what help us through our roughest patches. rumor has it that after luanda one generally gets 1st or 2nd choice. lord how i hope this is true!!! I'm hoping for somewhere in Europe. I desperately need to be steeped in beauty after all of this despair.
    Hope you get one of your tops!