Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Future Home Wishes

Melanie from the fantastic blog You Are My Fave has inspired me to do a future home wish list.  I've been told that in the Foreign Service you mostly live in generic pre-furnished apartments--generous, don't get me wrong, but bland.  But if I were to design my dream house it would have...

A porch (by Steven Harrington found on Design*Sponge)

Somewhere to put all of our books (found on OrangeBeautiful)

Interesting wallpaper (by Marimekko found on More Ways to Waste Time)

A coffee nook (found on Erin Ever After

A poured concrete farmhouse sink (by stone soup).

What would you put in your dream house?  Have a great weekend!


  1. My dream house has a stunning garden and an outdoor shower, sigh.

  2. oh oh, i love this idea. i already have so many ideas! but one thing that I want in my future home is a totally girly girl room where I keep all my clothes and shoes and a really pretty vanity to do my make up. Oh and a really beautiful chandelier. I told my husband the rest of the house can be sleek and modern but I want just one super girly room for me!

  3. i sooo need a library with a rolling ladder and a big huge barn for all of my craft art barn. that's what i want.

  4. the porch & floor to ceiling bookcases are my favorites! mine would have a courtyard on the side & a cabana overlooking the endless pool :)

  5. I have my house almost completely designed at this point... I can never resist thinking of this at all. Mine centers around a long gallery hallway with windows running along one side.

  6. Oh, I've always wanted a porch!

  7. I'm totally with you on that sink - gorgeous. And when I was in the foreign service (summer intern) the apartments of the real officers were always gorgeous, so I wouldn't worry too much!

  8. Oh, a farmhouse sink and cool wallpaper are so added to my list.

    Thanks for the link.