Monday, June 15, 2009

Visit Artomatic!

This past Friday I visited Artomatic, a free art festival housed in an unfinished office building near the waterfront. With over 1,000 visual artists and much more, it is well worth the metro ticket it costs to get over there. Their philosophy is that art should be for everyone, so there are no curators or juries and no entrance fee. For that reason, the art ranges from mediocre to fantastic. I was only able to see two of the nine floors of art. But since it will be there until July 5th, I will definitely go again. I actually attended a poetry reading by authors from Barrelhouse and Smartish Pace. I loved hearing Liz Arnold, whose overweight labs I was already acquainted with. Before the poetry reading we walked around looking at art and eating Hard Times chili. Christian Tribastone's art struck me and I picked up a postcard to put on my inspiration board. This picture is from his art blog. Does anyone recognize the building?? It's on M Street.

PS: Click here to see a gorgeous picture of a root beer float featuring a blurry Dave in the background from our adventure to the North Carolina coast (and browse the rest of their photos while you're at it--they're all great!)


  1. That's awesome - would love to get lost in a place like that!

  2. Thanks for the shout out!