Friday, June 19, 2009

A Recipe for Breakfast Phobes

I have a love hate relationship with breakfast. I like to sleep as long as my schedule will allow, but I also know that eating breakfast is so important if you don't want to crash mid-morning. I found this recipe for wheat berries with scallions from Mark Bittman and to add my own twist I topped it with sriracha sauce. Oh boy! You won't even need coffee.

Cook the wheat berries the night before or make a big batch on Sunday so you can use them for a few days. Directions for cooking will be on the packet, but it usually takes about 45 minutes for them to soften. In the morning, scoop yourself a small bowl, top with scallions, a swirl of sesame oil, a swirl of soy sauce, and a few drops of sriracha sauce. Heat the bowl in the microwave or eat cold.

Oh Sriracha sauce, you make my world taste better. Picture from flickr.

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