Monday, June 8, 2009

Sweet & Savory Ice Cream Party

Ice cream for dinner?  Yes please!  This weekend Dave and I hosted an ice cream dinner party at our apartment and asked our friends to bring their wildest, tastiest ice cream concoctions.
  Some of us have ice cream makers, but according to this article by David Lebovitz, you don't have to have an ice cream maker to make great homemade ice cream.  Check out tastespotting for ice cream and other dessert recipes.

For an entree, we served garlic ice cream with mashed potatoes, bacon, and chives.  On the menu we also had mini quiches that looked like ice cream scoops. 
The ice cream flavors included rose water, sweet potato, aztec hot chocolate, oatmeal cookie dough, and vanilla marshmallow marlow with fresh blackberries.  There were ice cream sandwiches made out of homemade, double chocolate peppermint chip cookies and delicious (though drippy) raspberry lavender popsicles.
Unfortunately, our bacon bourbon ice cream did not freeze in time--but that means we will have to have an encore party later in the summer!  Now if we could only figure out how to avoid the inevitable sugar coma...


  1. Hi -- thanks for visiting my blog! I'm adding yours to my reader, too. Awesome stuff you've got here!

  2. Garlic ice cream? That's like something from Iron Chef. Crazy. Sounds so fun.

  3. wow! what a fun party! that sounds like so much fun and i love your unexpected flavors.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!

  4. Garlic ice cream? Very interesting. I might just stick to chocolate :)

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  6. Wow, this sounds cool. Why wasn't I invited to this?!