Thursday, June 4, 2009

A Tribute to the Arlington Farmhouse

When David and I moved to the DC area two years ago we fell in love with the first apartment we toured.  It was the basement floor in a farmhouse from the 1920s.  Little did we know we were getting a fantastic deal with full windows on three walls, high ceilings, an awesome backyard and within walking distance of the metro.  It looks small and quaint from the front. 
But in actuality the place is HUGE!

As we interacted with the landlord--a quirky and enigmatic jack of all trades--we started to put together the history of this building.  The house has been in his family for generations.  During WWII it was converted into three separate apartments and housed so many people that they had to sleep in shifts.  

In 1962, the house was in disrepair, but his grandfather renovated it by hand.

Now we enjoy the house in all its quirkyness--although I am convinced it is haunted (boy, I could tell some stories) and refuse to do laundry at night.  The house is changing hands at the end of the month and a new family will be moving in above us.  Fortunately they are letting us stay until we are dispatched to an overseas post.  We will miss you, house!
(The last two pictures are from the realtor, but I hesitate to create a link for the sake of privacy.  For more information, contact me.)


  1. I need some ghost-stories!

    Your basement is the concrete slab, right? Sort of bomb shelter meets Dracula's lair? I can barely remember what it looks like, but I understand not wanting to do laundry there at night.

  2. What a find. I would miss it too. I traded in living in an old house with character to an shabby apartment with stained carpet. I can't wait to get out.

  3. i love homes with a character & a history! sorry that u have to say goodbye to it :(