Monday, September 21, 2009

Happy September!

This month has really flown by! I started Russian language training which has been "очень трудный" (a.k.a. very difficult), but I love it. It is fun learning a new alphabet and new sounds to make. Plus I keep pinching myself that this is my job. Yes, this is what I am doing all day, every day.

As I get used to my new schedule and get better at organizing my time, I promise to be a more regular blogger!

And most importantly, did you notice my new banner? It was designed by two fantastic artists, Joel and Ashley. Please visit their website at This Paper Ship and their photography/poetry blog at Spring to Spring.


  1. Thanks for posting about us! We had a blast making the banner for you! Good luck with training!

  2. I missed something here--I thought you were going to Tel Aviv. But then, there are a lot of Russian speakers in Israel. Kathleen and I will be visiting Sarah and Desh next week--maybe we'll get to see you. We'll be riding down on the Capitol Limited, the train that inspired the name of my blog. From Pittsburgh east it wends through the Alleghenies along the river valleys.