Monday, September 28, 2009

We're all winners!


icycle helmets, matching shirts, and Bob Marley music makes for an unbeatable combination!

This fall I joined the DC Kickball league with some of my friends, and so far it has been a blast. Dave and I played in the same league last spring, but this time of year the weather simply couldn't get any better. We have been riding our bikes to and from the National Mall for games. Our team record so far has not been great, but in the end we are all winners because it is, after all, just kickball. The past two weeks we have been too busy to hang out with our teammates after the games, so instead we have been stopping by 7-11 for the essential victory (or at-least-we-had-good-sportsmanship) Slurpee.

Did I mention my legs are sore? That doesn't bode well for my personal fitness!
Neat-o drop cap from designer Jessica Hishe and her "Daily Drop Cap" project (found via Swiss Miss)


  1. I can't believe there's a kick ball league. That is so awesome. I used to organize games of kick ball in college and people thought it was hilarious.

  2. Very cool blog! Your artitic flair shows through! Love the fact you are featuring artists too!