Monday, October 12, 2009

How to wear high heels like a hockey player:

Inspired by Blog Goggles' request for advice on how to wear high heels, I decided to share some insight I learned this summer while trying to break in the new high heels I bought for A-100. These Cole Haan pumps look innocent enough, but... ouch! Until you break them in they are like little torture devices.
While I was soaking my feet in epsom salt and bemoaning the fact that I would have to wear dress shoes again in the morning, my husband taught me a trick that he uses to break in new ice hockey skates. First, head over to the drug store and buy epsom salt and moleskin. Trust me, you will not regret it. If you don't have blisters yet, adhere the moleskin right to your foot where the shoe rubs to prevent blisters. If you already have blisters, follow these step by step instructions to create a pain-free blister cushion.

1. Cut a rectangle of moleskin, fold in half, and cut a tiny circle the size of your blister out of the center. Save the circle. Meanwhile, adhere the moleskin to your foot making sure none of it covers your blister. If you need to make the hole bigger, do so.
2. Flip the tiny circle around so that the fuzzy part is towards your skin and the sticky part is facing out. Place this carefully on the blister.
3. Cover with another piece of moleskin (same size or larger than your original piece) to provide extra cushion and to keep the tiny circle in place.

Voila! By the way, this advice is intended for mild blisters and should not replace medical attention. If you have serious blisters on your feet, please take care of them to avoid scarring.

Do you have any tips for wearing high heels?

Top image 1917 women's ice hockey team, Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario. Found on hockey Middle Image Cole Haan.


  1. i use moleskin too. I really love foot petals though, they make all my shoes feel great and fit better!