Wednesday, December 2, 2009

To do this weekend

I am definitely going to have to go for a walk in the woods this weekend to gather pine cones for a holiday craft. I am trying to decide between this pine cone "alternative christmas tree" from lindsey of Always Spinning and this garland from Twig and Thistle. Check Twig and Thistle's post for a step by step guide on how to make the garland. I may have to borrow my MILs hot glue gun for the tree!

My husband said no glitter this year... but I am getting the urge! Maybe some crazy tinsel, too!


  1. I like the tree.

    No glitter? Why not? I say go for the glitter!

  2. how about both!:D what a great idea! i may have to copy u guys hehe ;) aww darn, no glitter. maybe fairy lights for the pinecone tree?:) gluck w/ur project! let us know how it turns out! i'd love to see it:)

  3. Twinkle lights... I hadn't thought of that! I'll definitely share pics unless it's a disaster.