Monday, January 25, 2010

Running into English Majors

There is something about loving books--REALLY loving them--that can create a deep emotional bond between people, even people who have just met. There is also a certian way of looking at the world, as if it can teach you something (instead of vice-versa); and being open to that experience can make all the difference. English majors don't just treasure beauty, they get their hands dirty fighting for it.

This weekend I had the wonderful experience of attending not one but three literary events. And I have a confession to make: English majors are my favorite people.* Being around them enriches my soul. Which is why it makes me so sad to read about the dissapearance of the humanities in articles such as this one from the New York Times called "Making College Relevant."

My English department was a thriving community where I recieved more than just an excellent education. If their funding were to be reduced, it would make me lose all faith in my alma mater. I don't know if there is anything I can do except support the arts as I get older and encourage young people to follow their dreams.

For now, I will pledge to read, not from a computer screeen or a kindle, but from a real, printed book. You can spread the word on your blog too by visiting Read the Printed Word and posting an icon on your website or blog (found via Chelsea of Frolic).

Read the Printed Word!

*(Also includes people who study foreign languages and people from foreign countries who study literature in their mother tongue; and even if you weren't an English major I will probably like you anyway).

PPS: I highly recommend the tumblr Book Lovers Never Go to Bed Alone.


  1. I completely agree. I just adore my book club for this reason. Too bad my sweetie doesn't read...he's missing out. He claims he reads magazines and internet. Not the same!! Have a great weekend girlie! xoxo

  2. Love my books, love my English majors. :)

  3. My husband was an english major and I like him, so I'd most likely like you.